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76                            MFE OF
and authority., were determined, and although Hura-
boldt laboured at all these matters with Inexhaustible
Industry, his liberal policy was not always supported
or successful.
Overwhelmed as he was with pressing affairs, he
nevertheless found time to watch the excited life of
the day, and accept many of the numerous invitations.
He was, indeed, never seen on the Bastei, the regular
promenade of the inhabitants of Vienna, where the
whole fashionable world showed itself, but he "was
present at  all  the  festivities   which at  that   period
rapidly succeeded each  other; he was  found in the
saloons where single members of the great whole met,
as in the saloons  of the  Countess Taxis,  the chief
point of meeting for eminent Prussians, the Fran voii
Arnstein, by birth a Prussian, &c.    "We find  Hum-
boldt at a ball in the imperial palace conversing with
Dalberg and Wessenberg on the Polish-Saxon ques-
tion ; we find him at a pic-nic in the Augarten, which
the celebrated Sidney Smith had planned, in lively
conversation with the Count Rechberg.     Count Rech-
berg was speaking with such literary enthusiasm of a
work on Russia, that he forgot to attend to his master,
the King of Bavaria, who was calling for his assistance
in a dilemma.    Gentz united the most distinguished
company in his house.    One met there the Duke of
Weimar, Talleyrand, the Count  and Countess Bern-
storff,  the beautiful Countess von Fuchs, Dr.  Boll-
mann, celebrated for his "attempt to liberate Lafayette
from Olmiitz, Rahel with her husband, and, of course,
also Humboldt.    It is told of a dinner at the Prince
Chancellor's, at which Humboldt,   Prince Radzdwil,
Stagemann,  Grolmann,   and    Scholer,   Von   Billow,
Count Mentoring, Bartholdy, Varnhagen, Rahel, &c.,
"were present, that the gymnasiast, Jahn, also made
his appearance there, coarse and dirty, and imparted
his doctrines ami rudenesses.    Humboldt's anxiety to
be introduced, to Jahn induced the latter to begin his
game with him also, but here he did not  succeed;
Hiimboldt's superior mind easily kept down the infe^-